Nouveau Stained Glass

Stained Glass and Leaded Lights

The construction of leaded panels has hardly changed much since the 12th century.  Sections of coloured glass are held together in a  lattice work of lead came.  Church windows will have  designs painted on the glass which have been fired in a kiln while panels in  domestic property will have coloured glass sections.


Construction of Leaded panels

The term “Leaded Glass” refers to the method of assembling pieces of cut glass into panels using strips of lead known as "cames". The lead came as seen in cross section looks like the letter H. This is placed between each piece of glass and soldered where the cames meet each other.

The space between lead and glass is then filled with lead light cement. This gives the panel more strength & makes the panel weatherproof. The lead can last for 100 years before needing replacement.

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